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Dragons Forever


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Sprog: Engelsk

Undertekster: Danske

Titel: Dragons Forever
Original Titel: Dragons Forever (1987)

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Kort om:
Dragons Forever (1987)
Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) is an attorney who is a womanizer and also defends criminals but does not enjoy this. He has to defend people accused of contaminating water, but then his latest lover is against these people. Jackie must determine just what the people at the polluting chemical plant are trying to do. There is also a fat arms dealer, Luke Wong (Sammo Hung), involved in the story, as well as an insane person, Timothy Tong (Yuen Biao). The arms dealer uses a megaphone in public to declare his love for a woman (Deannie Yip), and in the court, Jackie asks his lover, Nancy Lee (Pauline Yeung), if she is really in love with him. He also punches one of his clients.

Jackie Chan as Jackie Lung
Roy Chiao as Judge Lo Chung-Wai
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Luke Wong Fei-hUng
Biao Yuen as Timothy Tung Tak-Biao
Pauline Yeung as Nancy Lee
Wah Yuen as Hua Hsien-Wu
Lung Chan as Thug
Jing Chen as Gun Buyer

Spillelængde:  87 min.
Produktionsår:  1988
Antal Disc:  1 stk.
Sprog:  Engelsk
Undertekster:  Danske

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